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What boy or girl doesn't love toys? Toys are great allies to encourage the use of their imagination and increase their creative playing, as well as entertain them and make them have a fun time.

In our online kids store we have a wide variety of children's and baby toys that will not only be fun, but also add a great decorative touch to th...

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    Juguetes para bebé - TOC TOC Kids Store

    Baby toys are ideal for developing their motor skills, there are baby toys specially dedicated to fine motor skills, others focus on gross motor skills and others simply complement their development of teething, such as teethers. Newborn toys are toys made especially for the smallest of the house, with colors that attract their attention and paying great dedication to the materials used, so that they are respectful with their growth. Always with natural materials such as wood, fabric or natural rubber.


    Children's stuffed animals and dolls - TOC TOC Kids

    Teddies are essential elements in a room for the little ones and it is that in the end they end up being a great family memory, who is not excited about having a childhood memory like this? And the stuffed animals are elements with which the little ones feel more accompanied at night and helps them to overcome some fears, such as sleeping alone.

    You also have many ideal elements available to play with the little ones, such as the special furniture for dolls and stuffed animals, without a doubt one of the "must haves" for afternoons of game in company, ideal for simulation games.


    Wooden toys - TOC TOC Kids Store

    Symbolic toys are a type of ideal toys for the creative development of children. You already know that children love to imitate the great ones, their professions, hobbies or abilities.

    We have a selection in which we will feel represented in one of them for sure.

    They are toys made with natural materials, so they do not pose any danger or exposure to elements not recommended for children and they are also super creative elements, which stimulate their senses of sight due to colors, touch, since when being natural materials they have a characteristic roughness.

    They are ideal for the little ones but there are also possibilities for those children who are a little older. Discover all the possibilities that are inside wooden toys and the wonderful advantages that they have, starting from the base of philosophies such as Montessori.


    Bicycles and tricycles without pedals - TOC TOC Kids Store

    Bicycles are an ideal method of transportation and the little ones love it too! Enjoying family bike rides is unbeatable and the truth is that they are enjoyed by the whole family.

    In this section you will find bicycles that can be used since the age of 3, such as the First Go! Banwood, ideal for children and with great colors! With ideal colors and with the complete kit to go together!

    Take advantage of family afternoons to enjoy the outdoors with good walks by the sea or in the mountains!


    Costumes and accessories - TOC TOC Kids Store

    Spending a fun afternoon with friends or family has a key element and that is that fun usually goes hand in hand with good costumes.

    Discover our selection of Numero74 costumes ideal for a special occasion or to create fantastic worlds at home.


    Best of Maileg world - TOC TOC Kids Store

    Maileg has a special charm and is that this family of handmade rabbits and mice are something so special that the little ones love it, whether it is to sleep, to play or even as another element of decoration in the room.

    Expand the Maileg family with all the accessories that are available, plus you have everything you need to create a dream dollhouse!


    Tipis - TOC TOC Kids Store

    Teepees are ideal accessories for the children's room, if they like something it is the fact of having a space that helps them isolate themselves from the world of adults to create their fantasy space and have a space where they can plan all the antics! Without a doubt the tipi is the perfect element for it.

    There are a wide variety of colors available, so it will be impossible not to find the best one for your room!


    Let's go to the beach to play .....


    Very careful selection of arts and crafts toys based on products that take great care of design and educational aspects. Arts and Crafts and fly!


    Children's imaginations can go beyond with Building and Stackable Toys. And also if they are beautiful and ecological materials better!


    Selection of delicate trend dolls with chosen colors and their accessories to play without limits. Find closets for clothes, cribs, dresses


    Selection of Board Games for Children with spectacular design and finishing details. Made of wood or ecological material. Find puzzles, ludo, domino ...


    Find here Wooden Toy Car Parks, Handcrafted Design Cars and very careful details. Children will spend hours playing to drive their cars


    Our selection of children's books and stories is aimed at those best sellers that meet educational standards and appropriate development of children.

    Books so that when the reading stage begins, they attract them to read them easily and thus lay the foundations of reading in their dna and that the bug will bite them forever.

    A world is hidden within children's books and stories and with the imagination and innocence of children they enter a wonderful world if you provide them with the right books and stories at all times.

    Each child will have their preferences based on their personality. For this reason it is good to be able to choose between more educational books on animals or nature for example or music or more fantastic books, books on habits and routines or humor books that are not missing.

    During vacation time that you have more time is a good way for them to learn and occupy the day with something truly very beneficial for their mental health.

    Children's books help to continuously improve vocabulary. And to end the day, what better than a bedtime story to leave the child with a beautiful image in her mind of a good story with a happy ending.

Kids Toys - TOC TOC Kids Store


What boy or girl doesn't love toys? Toys are great allies to encourage the use of their imagination and increase their creative playing, as well as entertain them and make them have a fun time.

In our online kids store we have a wide variety of children's and baby toys that will not only be fun, but also add a great decorative touch to their bedroom. Chose from rattles, memory games, tents, dollhouses, teepees, bicycles, dolls, Maileg bunnies, wooden games, an endless number of other sustainable toysDiscover them all below! 

Most of the products in our online store are designed and created by top international designer kids brands so that you can chose from the very best! 

And if you find that you would love a bit of help making a choice or decoration advice for your space, feel free to get in touch with us! Our team of kids interior designers will help you create the perfect bedroom for your children.

At TOC TOC Kids we are passionately committed to bringing you:

  • The leading kids designer brands, especially Scandinavian kids furniture and decoration from the best and trendiest kids brands around the world, so that you have the very best products to create the perfect kids bedroom for your children.
  • The very best kids furniture for any style of room
  • Gift lists for new births or First Communions
  • An innovative 100% online service offering 3D kids interior design and/or decoration advice by expert interior designs for all budgets!
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