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    Exclusive wooden dollhouse. Perfect for mice, bunnies and all your Maileg friends. Personalize with your favorite Maileg furniture.  Assembled size 80x40x72 cm Comes without furniture. Age + 3Y Material FSC Wood

    253,50 €
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    A beautiful two-storey Victorian Period dollhouse made to perfection. Each floor is accessible with opening panels; realistic sashes that slide open and shut will give your child lots of fun as they play with their imaginary families. Additional attic space can aldo be made into any kind of room your child desires.  Dimensions: 74x64x32 cm 

    295,00 €
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    The vintage car is nicely decorated and comes in 2 colors. The seat is soft and will make the ride comfortable for the mouse. After every ride the car can be parked in the garage. A 3-piece playset for any child. Color: yellow Height: 10 cm Material:  FSC wood/Metal/Cotton Age: 3 years +

    70,00 €
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    Once upon a time… Playset inspired by the famous fairy tale Princess and the pea. This set includes a paper castle with mattresses, a pea and a princess mouse. Color: various Height: 17 cm Material: cotton

    46,50 €
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    Let the imagination fly with these fairy mice. They are made in 3 beautiful colors and have ribbon on the back so they can hang everywhere. Colour:  Various Measures: 12 cm Materials: cotton polyester Age: 3+

    17,00 €
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    With this Miniature broom set you are ready to clean up. The dust pan comes in a beatiful warm silver color together with the wooden broom. Measures: 23 cm Materials: metal and wood Age: 3+

    11,50 €
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    This beautiful miniature kitchen from Maileg is a must have. The kitchen comes with 3  freshly baked buns in the oven. Color: cream Measures: 11 cm Material: metal Age: 3 years +

    68,00 €
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    Let your Maileg friends have a sleep-over in the vintage metal bed. It comes with blanket, mattress and pillow. Height : 8,5 cm Age: 3 years & up Washing instruction: Surface wash Material: Metal / Cotton

    27,00 €
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    All your beloved Maileg friends will need a bath once a while. The vintage bathtub fits perfectly in the Maileg Dollhouse & Bathroom. Mini size Age: + 3Y Size: 7,5 cm Material: metal

    21,00 €
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    The sweet Bunny in micro size is dressed in a red striped suit. It fits all the micro size furnitures and will for sure secure many hours of play. Colour: various Measures: 13 cm Materials: Cotton / Linen Age: 3+

    18,50 €
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    With this baby sitter it’s easy to bring your best buddies to sleep. It fits the MICRO sized rabbits, mice twin babies and sleepy wakey mouse! Colours: Floral pattern Measures: 9 cm Materials: metal / cotton Age: 3+

    10,00 €
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    This nice closet is painted so it has a real vintage look. When you open the closet you will see a flower print on all sides. The closet contains 3 wooden hangers. This closet fits into the Maileg dollhouse Mini size Age: + 3Y Size: 22cm

    28,00 €
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    Ideal ballerina suit to dress the Medium size Maileg! It is a set made up of toutou and dance shoes. Medium size Age: + 3Y Washing instructions: 30º. Material: cotton / linen

    24,00 €
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    Beautiful box to keep the first teeth of the little ones, a memory for life that always makes you excited to have. You can choose the color among the three available! Size: 3x3 cm Age: + 0A Washing instructions: shallow with a damp cloth. Material: metal

    3,00 €
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    Rub a Dub Dub there is a mouse in the tub. Ms. Mouse gets squeeky clean with her luffa and scrub brush, but her ears stay dry with her showercap.  She is a resourceful little lady by using a cute painted metal cup for her tub. Height: 13 cm Age: +3Y Washing instructions: 30ºC Material: cotton and linen

    28,00 €
  • 16-0720-00

    At night the tooth fairy spreads fairy dust, collects teeth, brings treats and makes sure you have sweet dreams.  Colour: Gold Height: little brother 10 cm Material: Cotton-Polyester Washing instruction: Hand wash

    21,00 €
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    The bunny & rabbit collection is made of soft natural linen & cotton fabric - which gives a lovely handfeel and look. This rabbit is dressed in a very feminine jumpsuit with a beautiful embrodery. Size 5 Height: 75 cm Age: +0 Washing instructions: 30ºC Material: cotton and linen

    77,50 €
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    Beautiful circular cushion from Maileg, it is an ideal size to be part of the Maileg collection, as well as to be part of the decoration of the children's room. Besides, it has very nice embroidered details. Size: 25cm Washing instructions: 30ºC Material: linen

    24,00 €

Best of Maileg world - TOC TOC Kids Store

Maileg has a special charm and is that this family of handmade rabbits and mice are something so special that the little ones love it, whether it is to sleep, to play or even as another element of decoration in the room.

Expand the Maileg family with all the accessories that are available, plus you have everything you need to create a dream dollhouse!

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